What is industrial abseiling?

Industrial abseiling became the preferred method for safely solving a range of problems wherever a risk of fall-related injuries exists. Unlike many other solutions, rope access is quick, non-destructive, and costs much less than erecting a scaffold or hiring powered machinery to deal with an issue, not reachable otherwise. 
We strictly follow the standards established by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) - the global industrial abseiling leading authority. From a skyscraper to an underground confined space entry and all you can imagine in between - rope access goes above and beyond and reaches anywhere.
Why us?

We are a team of dedicated and fully competent IRATA-trained professionals with many years of varied experience in repairs and maintenance in and out of the UK. Our motto is "Quality over Quantity"
That is why we never take more than we can handle. Attention is being paid to the smallest of details. If we cannot provide a solution, we will not waste your time but recommend an adequate service for your needs.


Since the implementation of IRATA's standards and guidelines, accidents related to working at height have decreased significantly due to the rigorous regular training technicians have to complete and the ever-expanding community, constantly sharing their best practices through forums, publications, and conferences. While becoming more and more popular, at the same time, industrial rope access is much safer than any other form of working at height.

Industrial abseiling is acknowledged because of its efficiency, both time and money-wise. Due to the minimalistic nature of rope access and the comparatively small amount of equipment needed, the cost of this service is considerably reduced. At the same time, the quality remains undisturbed.

In contrast to most methods for working at height, ropes rarely leave any traces behind them. Drilling the walls to secure a scaffold is a thing of the past. This is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer it. And the risk of a burglary while having a scaffold surrounding your house is gone.
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